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PLUS Recruitment Limited is a recruitment care and nursing agency led by a highly experienced team in diverse healthcare settings including the NHS and private sector. Drawing on their clinical expertise, compliance, management and leadership skills, this team brings on board substantial expertise and experience.  We are passionate about our services and business, always constantly thriving in pursuit of excellence of service and improved systems of operations, which is crucial in the healthcare industry today and in the future.

We provide a range of services within the areas of NHS and Private Hospitals, Nursing/ Residential Homes, Mental Health Divisions, One to One Care within Hospitals, Care Trusts and Local Authorities, we also provide services in the areas of, Prisons and Offender Healthcare Division’s both within NHS and Private Sectors. No matter what your situation is or type of work you require, we will always provide bespoke alternative solutions, either temporary or permanent to meet the needs and requirements of our Clients. Our vision is simple, to raise standards in care provision, to deliver a reliable and most trusted service in the UK. 

Why use PLUS Recruitment?
Our Promise & Commitment

We promise to update you on our progress in meeting your staffing requirements within 30 minutes of your request call.


We offer a 24-hour service,365 days a year. All calls are redirected to our 24-hour staffed on-call centre outside office hours.

 Our charge rates  are fully inclusive, and include extras such as Employees NIC, agency commission and VAT where applicable.

 Our charge rates  are fully inclusive, and include extras such as Employees NIC, agency commission and VAT where applicable.

When a client wishes to have a long term contract with  PLUS Recruitment, we offer a range of discounts to reflect this commitment to service.

We make sure that all candidates are vetted, screened and monitored within a strict framework standard in line with NHS compliance guidelines.

What Defines Us...

Our Essence


At PLUS Recruitment, we are driven by a vision to contribute to the development and improvement of care delivery and to transform the business landscape for the benefit of all stakeholders in our communities.


At PLUS Recruitment, we are driven by our motivation to provide unbeatable services to our clients. We aim to fill any rota gaps in the growing demand for capable and skilled personnel.

Core Values

We will always deliver what we promise, while working to the highest quality standard. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We over-deliver where possible.

We demonstrate complete integrity, upholding honesty and strong moral principles. We do not compromise the truth.

We are passionate about recruitment showing enthusiasm, energy and an understanding of our client and candidate needs.

We treat our clients, candidates and each other with mutual respect and sensitivity, embracing individual diversity.

We ensure clear communication in everything we do. We encourage the open exchange of ideas, opinions and views related to the business.

We accept responsibility for our actions. We use experience and good judgement to support the business.

We supply the following healthcare professionals

Our Promise

We promise to become a leading healthcare staffing provider with the very best staff.

Excellent Staffing

We provide excellent Staffing Solutions for permanent and temporary placements. Our healthcare staff and team are competent and CQC Compliant and are happy and ready to serve.

Proper Database

A comprehensive database of compliant healthcare staff who come from diverse backgrounds and with in-depth experience in healthcare services.


We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service which is tailored to our clients needs.

Constant Training

Constant training and progression to all our Healthcare Professionals by investing in further developing their current skills, this ensures the constant provision of improved services.

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